1. What is your brand’s heritage (USP) and how does it infuse with your individual personality? 

Shekhleela is passionately Indian in its DNA, it was conceptualized to treasure and celebrate the rich Indian traditions and techniques used by craftsmen to curate stunning masterpieces fit for Royalty and repurpose it with a modern twist to celebrate the undeterred spirit of women all around the world today. Our fashion collections are tastefully put together after thoughtful deliberation to give each piece of clothing its unique identity.

If you ever happen to peek through the lens of our periscope you would discover a new dimension to Luxury Fashion that is predominantly defined by comfort, elegance, tradition, and vibrancy. Our flawlessly constructed classic silhouettes showcase versatility and infuse our clients with confidence to carry out their look at any function, occasion, or even professional events. Having been successfully established in India for the past 5 years, we now aim to take our label to International markets. 

My passion for professionalism and a keen eye for detailing helps the brand maintain stringent quality standards and achieve higher benchmarks with every new collection. I maintain a personal rapport with my clients and love to go that extra mile to surprise them.

2. How did the name of your brand come about? 

Label Shekhleela came about from the names of my parents Shekhar and Leela. I am very grateful to my parents who always admired and appreciated my creative talents and my husband who gave me the confidence to introduce my own label amidst the dynamic competition of the Indian Fashion Industry. The deep-rooted values that my family have instilled in me are now reflected through the brand’s ideologies. 

3. Who is your ideal customer? (You could elaborate/share on your best customer story/experience)

Shekhleela is a people’s brand and our label identifies with all beautiful women. Our Indo Modernized fusion clothing has become a favourite obsession for anyone who aspires to feel chique, classy, and sassy all at once. Most of the television celebrities, socialites, and personalities from the glamour industry appreciate our work and are happy to have a Shekhleela label in their wardrobes. Our sheer dedication to uncompromised quality and excellent client servicing procedures have resulted in word of mouth communication, helping us build an empire of loyal customers over time. 

4. What is the vision, mission and purpose of your brand? 

Our Vision is to be a versatile one-stop lifestyle fashion house for all special occasions, events, and social commitments that our clients have to be a part of. It is the label’s continuous endeavour to create jobs, recognize talents, and provide an exposure to budding talents as well as local artisans. 

Our Mission is to be recognized as a globally renowned fashion label producing comfortable luxury wear with an unconventional appeal. We aim to keep evolving with time and create timeless fashion pieces without compromising on our ideals. 

The Purpose of our label is to unleash the inner beauty and confidence of every individual through our fashion solutions. We are content when we are able to purposefully satisfy the diva in every shopaholic fashionista. 

5. How are the current times affecting your sales and design process? 

Shekhleela’s sales have been impacted in a big way due to which we have had to bear the brunt of losses. However, despite the grim situation, Shekhleela has taken the onus to personally support its Karigars and held their hands firmly in these difficult times. We are going beyond the call of our duty to support them not only financially but also provide them with essentials to ensure their well-being. On the other hand, we are very grateful to our customers for their patience and belief in us. Our customer service team has been proactive in regularly updating them on the orders that were placed but couldn’t be delivered due to the sudden lockdown situation which brought our production to a standstill. We are looking forward to getting back in business with even greater resilience than before. 

6. What inspires you to give a spin to the regular pieces and make them unconventional? 

As a designer, somehow I feel the need to offer my clients something that is truly unique and creatively different that evokes individuality of the garment and the person wearing it. The best part about my work is that I have the liberty to experiment with fabrics, play with colours, and use alternate textures to convert regular fabrics into sophisticated pieces. Shekhleela quintessentially repurposes traditional bl.designs to form unconventional and classy couture’s. 

7. Your collections are the perfect outline for the strong women of today, how do your customers perceive this thought? 

Being a mother and a designer at the same time, I try to devote equal time and attention to both commitments. My clients are appreciative of my preference for androgynous style that has blended well with our label. Most of our clients resonate with my belief of not centring the business around ME or YOU, but growing together by climbing the ladder of success as WE and US. They look at me as a female designer striving to create a beautiful marriage of sensitivity, emotions, culture with strength, and reliability. 

8. You effortlessly blend soft fabrics and prints with structured silhouettes and create versatile pieces, how difficult is that? (You could share your design process) 

When I sit at my drawing board the one thing that I think about is how the label’s next collection should depict Luxe Fashion and yet be comfortable to wear & move around to go about celebrating work and life with enthusiastic optimism each day. I believe and emphasise in creating wearable silhouettes, wherein comfort comes first which naturally boost confidence in oneself. 

9. How do you customise your own prints and fabrics? 

I have always been in awe with the stunning intricate handcrafted stitching, weaving, printing, and dyeing techniques used by age-old artisans and try to replicate the same in my collections. Along with this, I am also a keen nature lover and observe all the wondrous elements present around us. Hence most of our designs depict floral patterns, feathers, earthy tones, and warm shades that please the eyes. We also make sure that all the materials that we use are organic and sourced from the right place. We take pride in endorsing our chemical-free production and Azo Free dyeing & printing process.     

10. If your brand could be endorsed by a celebrity or public figure, who would you want it to be and why?

Our brand celebrates people and each one of us are heroes in our own world playing a special character in our off reel lives. For us every customer is a brand ambassador and rightfully deserves to be appreciated and recognized for who they are. We take inspiration from every individual that walks through the doors of our store and make sure they leave our premise with happy smiles until they gladly return and meet us again.