Make up and Glam By Ummehani Petiwala


 Ummehaani Petiwala 

is a skincare enthusiast, makeup and hair professional, an educator and an aspiring fashion stylist. Read along to find out how she came about this industry, her year and a half journey and some exciting tips and tricks. 
Looking at your work, I am in awe of the perfection it shows at such a young age. How did you get to that level of professionalism so early?  
For me, this industry was definitely not something I had planned on getting into, its something that just happened. After college, I stumbled upon a makeup course, which I feel was the best decision I ever made. Back then, I had absolutely no knowledge about the makeup industry. I would put on a bright cherry red lipstick and call it blush! It took me almost a year and a half to get projects. I think it is all about practice. My course, unlike other 2-3 month courses, went on for about 8 months because I was one of the very few who wasn’t well versed with absolutely anything! . 
I’d say my efforts, a great educator and continual practice led me to where I am now.
What drew you to this stream? What advice would you like to give advice to people who want to work in this industry? 
Well, going into college, I had planned to get my major in psychology, but life has a funny way of playing out. Even though I still love the subject, I decided to switch to Mass Media, and get into the field of Public Relations or Advertising. Throughout college, I grabbed every internship opportunity I could, and soon got placed with a job at one of the biggest media companies when college ended. However, by the end of it, I did not find enough meaning at any of my internships. 
I wasn’t sure what to do because I spent 3 years learning in this field, but I decided to leave my job. Being at home for about  month, I struggled, and one day after a brief conversation with my mother I decided to take a makeup course from an academy. There were times when I felt defeated and it was not only a very difficult but also a time consuming course where I would usually start from morning till night each day because of how new this field was to me. But a year down the line, the same academy hired me! 

Doing this course completely opened up my mind to so many new possibilities. I’ve always been drawn to anything and everything creative! This industry is huge, and I feel like India has not even tapped into the M of makeup. It goes so much beyond just applying a little foundation. I love doing special effects also called SFX. Making it look realistic is very challenging and requires a lot of patience and hard-work, shoots at times go on from an early start of 4 am right until 1 am, and you’re on your feet till the very last scene, and until you hear the words ‘pack up’ ! But what a great feeling that is!
So to everyone out there, experiment new things, you never know what life has planned for you. The future will always be uncertain. Plans will change, but you need to believe that you will find a way. Never give up. I’d like to say, just do what works for you, at the end of the day, you are the creator of your own destiny. 
Tell us about your business. Do you work with a company or are you a freelance artist? 
To elaborate on what I do, Monday – Friday I work at an academy called Makeup Vanguard, which is relatively new and open to different adventures each day! I am an assistant to the head trainer and I conduct classes with new batches every few months as an assistant teacher. I am also a coordinator, a link between the students and the trainers. I truly enjoy my work, and even though its a tough job at times, with a number of shoots, it also has a calm side to it. We engage in fun conversations, where we exchange in ideas each day! When it comes to shoots, the entire conceptualization right from the pre-production to the actual concept to post production has to be planned beforehand. 
The academy understands the need for us to further build contacts, create a clientele base and grow individually, and allows us to take up freelance projects. I have worked on multiple shoots, editorials and for even bridesmaids! 
Makeup helps people feel good about themselves and adds a touch of glamour in their lives. How do you think one should go about applying makeup while they are stuck at home? 
As much as I enjoy working with makeup, I have always loved and believed in skin care. Makeup definitely helps boost ones confidence, however it is not necessary to glam up at home and that’s where skin care comes into play. I think this is the best time to just let your skin breathe and apply masks and experiment with different skin packs. Feeling fresh is the best glow you can have. However, if one wants to dress up for a zoom meeting, instead of applying layers of foundation, I would suggest simply putting concealer, powdering your face and applying blush for a nice, fresh look. 
Would you like to share some tips and tricks for a quick makeup look? What do you do? 
Something I do all the time is put a lot of concealer, instead of foundation. Personally I love applying blush, it makes me feel very pretty and put together so I focus on that instead of a mascara and a liner.
How do you make your skin glow? 
I am a skin care enthusiast and I love DIY face masks. One of my favorites is applying a mixture of oats, honey and a little milk. However, every skin type requires different nutrition, and it varies from person to person. Apart from this, taking care of your body is also extremely important. I begin my mornings with drinking a mixture of cinnamon, turmeric powder, honey, lime and hot water along with my multivitamin tablets. It is also extremely important to follow a night routine. An abbreviation I live by is CTM; cleaning, toning and moisturizing the face. I would suggest using brands like clinique or kiehls that suit most skin types however, it can also vary from person to person. A very crucial skin care application is an SPF sunscreen, that should be applied every single day, even at home. 
When it comes to makeup, for a glowy look, applying liquid highlighter, before you start your makeup routine, on the T zone really helps and gives you a dewy skin look. Putting on setting spray, after completing your look, adds to that glow. 
What is the one project you are extremely proud of? 
It is very tough for me to decide on just one project since I have worked with so many wonderful people and have had great memories. However, I recently did a project with TATA and I am super proud of that. It is an extraordinary feeling to work with one of the biggest brands out there. I have also worked with LOTTIE London, HAIER electronics and World of Born to name a few. These projects were great experiences. I also got the opportunity to work with an Italian artist, G. Luca. I am extremely grateful to have received such wonderful projects and I am very excited to see what the future holds. 
What are your future plans and what do you aspire to do? 
I truly believe in living in the present and taking each day as it comes. While I love the beauty industry, I am very passionate about exploring new things and I am very drawn towards new experiences. However, when it comes to furthering my career, I definitely want to start teaching more and in fact, I have been teaching students even outside of the academy. It is one of the most fulfilling jobs ever, to be able to help someone achieve their dreams. For me, teaching is like a two way conversation where both, the teacher and the student, get to learn new things and there is an exchange of ideas. 
Before I end this talk with you, I’d like to mention two people I’ll always be thankful to, not only are they the best educators but I’ve also found a lifelong friend in them.
Here’s to you, Farah and Snehal, one of the few biggest influences in my life. 
Thank you for being there for me at each step and treating me like your own.
I’m forever grateful and thankful. 
Ummehani has been kind enough to open up her email and direct messages to anyone who has a curiosity and is keen on entering this industry. 
Instagram : @makeupbyummehani
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How to own your distinct beauty and style

Learn to embrace your look
It’s a cruel twist of fate that the very same feature that makes us uniquely beautiful can also be our biggest source of frustration. Others might admire your dead-straight hair, but you bemoan the fact that it feels limp by 2pm.

Or perhaps your head of curls is the envy of many, but it can be so difficult to control that you quite literally want to pull your hair out.

Here’s the answer: the secret to celebrating your unique style every day is to completely own it. And that includes finding ways to navigate those moments of frustration.

Influencer and model Shreyja Shraa discovered this for herself around three years ago. Although her gorgeous, wild hair has helped put her in demand globally, Shreyja didn’t always celebrate it.

“I remember constantly straightening my hair when I was younger because I was embarrassed of [my curls],” she says. “As I got older, I became more confident, especially in the modelling industry. Constantly being surrounded by beautiful, unique women, I guess it made me feel like I should show off my individuality.”

The right cut
The turning point for Shreyja came when she decided to truly embrace her look by getting a haircut that actually worked with her hair’s texture and shape.

“I definitely prefer my look today as I feel it suits my tomboy, carefree style a lot more. My haircut has also helped me greatly within the industry as it’s not a common style among the other models. I remember my first fashion week with the curls, in 2019; none of the designers I walked for changed my hair from its natural state, which definitely helped me stand out. Uniqueness is such a powerful tool in the modelling industry and I think we should all embrace it.”

Instead of trying to coax your hair into something that it isn’t, switch to a cut that truly enhances its natural texture, including all its beautiful quirks. You’ll be amazed at how much better it looks, and how much faster and easier it is to style.

Tools of the trade
Speaking of styling, finding the right products can take some trial and error but they are truly worth the effort. Shreyja has zeroed in on a trio of products that she knows will help her to manage her unruly locks. It starts with the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Rose Hip Oil Elixir, which she loves for its rose scent and ability to keep her hair in great condition.

“I enjoy using this product after my hair has been washed and is still damp,” Roberta explains. “So many products, curling irons and straighteners are constantly being used on my hair at work, so I find this repair oil helps my hair remain healthy.”

Designed specifically for normal to damaged hair, the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Rose Hip Oil Elixir leaves locks feeling soft and silky, without weighing them down. A small amount goes a long way – apply it to the ends only, staying away from the roots.

Once her hair is dry, Shreyja finishes with a little Schwarzkopf Extra Care Grape Seed Oil Elixir on the ends to reduce frizziness and flyaways, without flattening her signature style. In between washes, she also relies on sea salt spray to restore definition and bounce to her style.

“I don’t have thick hair, so my curls usually flatten or straighten out after I’ve slept on them,” she notes. “I find sea salt spray useful as it helps define them again.”